Crowd and Crisis Management for RoRo and Passenger Ships

This course is designed for captains, officers and crew members of RoRo, RoPax and Passenger Ships.

Course Content

  • Controlling a crowd in an emergency situation on board
  • Locating essential safety and emergency equipment on board
  • Communicating effectively with passengers during an emergency
  • Demonstrating the use of personal life-saving appliances
  • Complying with the ship`s safety and emergency procedures
  • Evacuating crowds and understanding the behavior of people in emergency situations
  • Requirements concerning ship stability
  • Lock conditions in emergency situation

Additional to the theoretical and practical knowledge mediated in this course the relevant judicial base will be conveyed to the trainees.

The training is based upon the guidelines of IMO-Model Course:

  • 1.28 crowd management, passenger safety and safety training for personnel providing direct services top passengers in passenger spaces (2000 Edition)
  • 1.29 proficiency in crisis management and human behaviour training including passenger safety, cargo safety and hull integrity training (2000 Edition)

Course fee: 500,00 € + 19% VAT

Next course dates:
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Minimum number of participants: 6

Required documents
Identification certificate
Basic Safety Certificate
German Medical Certificate

Filled and signed [ Application Form ]


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