Basic training for all tanker cargo operations

The basic training for all tanker cargo operations qualifies for the service on oil, chemical and liquefied gas tankers. Ship officers and other crew members have to complete a basic tanker training if they perform duties involving or bear the responsibility for the cargo as well as the loading and unloading systems.

The tanker basic training always includes knowledge of fire-fighting for the service on tankers and ships subject to the IGF Code (hereinafter: fire-fighting).

The basic training course includes a two-day fire-figthting module.
The participant attends a course as per STCW 78 as amended, Chapter V Regulations A-V/1-1-2 and A-V/1-1-3.

Seafarers require this certificate of participation in order to verify their professional eligibility when applying for an official certificate of proficiency for service on merchant vessels.

The minimum number of participants: 4

Course fee: 1.000,00€ + 19% VAT

Next course dates: on request

Required documents/ copy for application process process

  • Identification certificate
  • Certificate for basic safety(refresher) training
  • Application form


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